Ian Cox-LeighWelcome. I hope this site will develop to become a valued source of inspiration, friendly interaction, and community.  I plan to share some of my own work, both new projects and past favourites. However, I expect that most of what will appear on this site will be things important to my (and, I hope, your) creative process: exciting work by various photographers and other artists, as well as books, techniques, or products that inspire new endeavours, and general discussions about art and photography in general.

As well as being an aspiring photographer myself, I am a doctoral candidate in Egyptology at the University of Toronto.

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Ralph November 5, 2013 at 15:23

Happy Anniversary Ian and Mary and a Happy Birthday to you Ian.

Hope all is well.

Do you do the web site yourself? DO you know HTML or do you use a wysiwyg package?

Nice site and cheers!


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