Big Bang Big Boom — Street-Art

by Ian on July 20, 2010

BIG BANG BIG BOOM – the new wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

What an amazing feat. I can’t begin to imagine the level of planning, pre-visualization, group cooperation, and dedication a work like this would take. The cost in time and effort alone must have been immense, but the paint wouldn’t have been exactly cheap either.

I don’t follow street-art closely. It isn’t a particular passion or a fascination of mine. Sure I have a copy of Wall and Piece, I plan to eventually see the Banksy movie, and I follow the occasional street-artist on flickr or the like (such as Mobstr). However, it isn’t a subject or a genre I have been particularly taken with in the past. With all that said, the fact that I have spent more than an hour exploring the other works of this same artist through their blog and website should speak volumes to the quality and impressive scale of their work. Check out some of their other videos (including videos of the process of putting these up) or have a look at some of the static painted walls they have done.

I am definitely considering buying the hardcover book of some of their projects. Anyone out there have it? Is it nicely put together? Also does anyone have any suggestions of other similar artists worth a look?

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