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by Ian on September 16, 2010

I have the distinct honour of being the Featured Photographer on the website (PN) this month. As part of being the featured photographer I was interviewed and the interview plus a small selection of images are posted for public comment and discussion. You can easily click on the link from the right-hand side of the main page or here’s a direct link.

Ian Cox-Leigh: Rosy-Fingered Dawn

I have been an active member on PN since shortly after I took up photography seriously in 2006 and have benefited greatly from the feedback and critiques of some of the people whom I’ve met there. One of the most helpful individuals in my time on PN, has been Fred Goldsmith. He has been as much of both a friend and a mentor as is possible online. You can see some of his work and read the ensuing discussion back when he was the Featured Photographer last year (Here).

I was most pleased when I found out that he had taken over the job of selecting and conducting the interviews for the Featured Photographer. I think his questions yielded an engaging and interesting exchange and I hope you might find the time to read some of the, admittedly lengthy, interview.

Ian Cox-Leigh: Toward Cape Sebastien

Ian Cox-Leigh: Mt Andromeda

Ian Cox-Leigh: Sentinel (from the Portlands series)

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